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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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time that it is changing. we also have clock watchers across the street who tell us if it is off by a second, so he is very attached to the clock. >> we have a clock master. and look at this, the hands of the clock. look how big they are. the holy mackerel. nobody is up here. but this. it the great seal of the state of california. this is a wonderful mosaic. >> it is wonderful. it was original to the building. tens of thousands of people cross by every day. this is the waiting area. the larger alcoves or for storage. and the big plants that would go out to meet the ferries. people would come out to meet the ferries. and then go to the trolley cars. the family of the original
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artisan still lives in the bay area and they come by every so often to make sure that it is in tact and being taken care of. furry little repair to it. this is the before and after, 1910 to 1960's, 1970's. this is what the building looked like during that time. it was under plywood and carpeting for about 30 years. this was amazingly preserved underneath all of that when it pulled up. >> how to the ventilate this? are these operable? h[ph>> they are not. we have a cool air intake from the bay. because of the atrium, it would be nearly impossible for any air conditioning, so we have cool air intake on the bayside. that cools the building down. when i first artwork in here, i was fascinated with all the
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arches, the repetitive arches. the original architect used it as a symbol of the talks in rome, a symbol of how important the water and the waterways are to us city. -- to the city. it looks like an aqueduct structure. >> what are the uses of this floor and above? >> we have about 10 it office spaces, private businesses, law firm, financial management, lobbying firms. there are all local businesses. -- they are all local businesses, very supportive of the marketplace. >> i know that some part of this building, the water goes underneath, the bay water is under there? >> yes. >> is it under the whole building? >> there is a sea wall, probably
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right under where you are standing. a lot of it is on the pilings. >> i have seen a guy on a little boat that goes under there and make repairs. >> and also, the coast guard comes, anytime there are logs floating in the water, we have to call the coast guard. acting get hung up underneath the pipes. >> i want to thank you all for coming. thank you so much for your great information. i hope to see you all again next month for our next program. thank you very much.
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>> i would like to introduce furturo picante. the director is jose leon. they're one of the great draws for tonight. when people heard they were going to be here, the phones kept on ringing. in just a moment we'll hear from them. and if the rest of our awardees
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could join the north side mayor in the forecourt. ladies and gentlemen, furturo picante. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ [applause] [applause] ♪
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>> once again, everybody, this is a band from the mission cultural center and i hope you enjoyed it. we're going to play a couple more tunes, but if you really want to dance, make sure you visit us in the north court over there, because we're going to do some really great dancing, ok? so ready, guys? ♪ ♪
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♪ [singing in spanish] ♪ [singing in spanish] ♪
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[singing in spanish] ♪ ♪
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[singing in spanish] ♪ [speaking in spanish] ♪
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♪ [applause] >> ok, we're going to play one more tune for you all. my name is jose leon. everybody knows miguel. yes, all right. . [applause] ♪ >> this is a classic from the 1950's i hope you like. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [singing in spanish] ♪
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♪ ♪
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[speaking in spanish] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> once again, everybody, thank you very much. once again, we're furturo
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picante. come and visit us. we meet on wednesdays. i also have a younger group that you have to see. they're here on tuesdays. they're anywhere from 5 to 13. so you've got to see the other band. so once again, thank you, and we'll see you a little later. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, furturo picante! [applause] again, i'm joined tonight by lisa, who is our senior community development specialist at the mayor's office of housing. she'll be helping me honor the honorees. >> good evening, everyone. right now we have the honor of introducing the delores huerta lifetime achievement award. >> tonight we took a few moments to recognize luisa
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ezquerro for the incredible work she did over her lifetime to benefit all the citizens of the county. we want to take a few moments to have some of her closest friends and colleagues come up and say a few words about her before we have carmen receive the delores huerta achievement award on her behalf. so please join us here at the podium. [applause] >> i was luisa's friend and neighbor for almost 40 years and she was one of the more inspirational figures in my life. i don't need to go through all the list of her accomplishments, which are in this book and which are not entirely complete. what impressed me the most about her was her dedication to her work as a teacher.
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every time i walked with her through our neighborhood or any other neighborhood in the city, without fail somebody in their teens or 20's or 30's would come up and acknowledge her and say, you know, you were my teacher in such and such a year and you were the best teacher i ever had and you helped me more than any teacher i ever had. and that was not an occasional curns. she was also dedicated to her work with the union and she had a good personality for that. she was a very assertive person. she taught me a little bit about community organizing, and together we organized our street into a neighborhood organization that has lasted for about 35 years and is still effective. in later years she became interested in housing issues and was on the board of a mission housing development corporation, and she was also interested in health care
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issues and recruited me to be with her on the board at the mission neighborhood health center where we served together, she for about 30 years, and me for 10 or 12 years. and to talk a little bit about that is the fornler director of the mission health neighborhood center, gladys. >> thank you, doctor. [applause] [speaking spanish] >> thank you, distinguished representatives of the family of the city, and mayor. i know he had to run. to me this is a tremendous, tremendous honor that lieu ease sa and manuel -- luisa and manuel bestowed upon me to say a few words about louise safment whenever she ran for supervisor, she was calling the
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friends, making the sandwiches and doing many things in the area. but always following her advice and sharing her ideas, because that's what luisa was, always networking with everyone and sharing ideas. so on behalf of carmen and manuel ezquerro, who wish to express their gratitude to the 2010 heritage month smith. whatever you are, unfortunately, i don't know any of you for the first time in my life. so thank you. thank you very much. i know that luisa and her honorable mother, donna, esther as well, are smiling up tonight looking at what's going on. luisa's contribution to our city and future generations to come were based on her beliefs
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that preservation of natural rights was an essential part of the social contract, and that consent of the people was fundamental to any zice exercise. power to the people she used to say. she worked diligently in developing the strategies of short and long-term goals. one constantly would receive a phone call, and many of you know, to show up for such and such a meeting, bring in new ideas and facts and figures about a particular issue. rights at the time seemed to be ignored or attempt to eliminate. these were the issues. she defend the rights of educators to be recognized and
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respected by the system, the rights to access health care in affordable, accountable, available to all people, particularly to the foreign-speaking communities. she believed that every individual should have access to affordable, clean and safe housing. finally, one of her major concerns was the contributions of current latina-latinos were not documented in the annals of the city and county of san francisco. but tonight the committee and the mayor have shown that you will go forward and do this, and luisa will never have to worry that the latino contributions are not recorded in the city and county of san francisco. thank you very much for all of your attention and appreciation and recognition of luisa. good night. [applause]
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>> thank you very much, gladys and charles. in presentation to manuel and to carmen, the delores huerta lifetime achievement award, on behalf of their sisters incredible lifetime commitment and dedication to the city and county. [applause] we have a very special guest tonight from one of our greatest leaders currently here in the united states. i would like to welcome nicole rivera to come and read a letter from the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. thank you for being with us, nicole. [applause] >> thank you, joaquin, for that great introduction of our house speaker.
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i'm really happy to be here on her behalf. she sends her regrets for not being able to be here in person, but she did send a little greeting that i'm happy to read now. dear friends, congratulations to all the san francisco latino heritage committee honorees for providing leadership and service to the san francisco bay area. the many contributions of latinos reflect america's diversity, our rich heritage and a promising future. hispanic americans will continue to add to our national portrait, to our culture and to our history of progress. tonight we honor the waves of hispanic immigrants who have come to our shores and enriched our nation. many have been here for generations. others may have just arrived. with their determination to build a better future and their commitment to safe family and community, we are all making america more american.
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this is the essence of our history, to honor the character of america. we must pass comprehensive immigration reform. [applause] i am proud to support the dream act and i hope that its passage -- [cheers and applause] -- i am proud to support the dream act and i hope that its passage will mark the first step toward reaching that goal. in congress, working with president obama, we have acted to address the challenges facing the hispanic community and shared by all americans. we passed health care reform, which will extend coverage to 32 million more people and nearly nine million latinos and strengthen the fight against health days parties. [applause] -- against health


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